About Aaliybro Beauty

Natural Me, Naturally

Hey, thanks for visiting Aaliybro Beauty. My name is Brooklyn Wards, and since I was a little girl, l’ve always had love for every and anything beauty related. I’ve always looked up to business owners who focused on creating natural beauty products without harmful chemicals. For the past couple of years, I began researching the benefits of using more natural based products and their positive affects on our bodies. During quarantine in the summer of 2020, my interests grew as I constantly watched videos about ways to make natural oils and body care products and I soon began to formulate my own. I began working on my business when I was only 15 years old in 2020 and  officially launched Aaliybro Beauty in February of 2021. My goal for Aaliybro Beauty is to provide quality hair, skin, and tea products that are  effective, beneficial in the long term, and made with natural ingredients.

Brooklyn Wards


About Our Products


All of our products are made with natural ingredients.


Cruelty Free

Given that our ingredients have proven benefits for hair, skin and health – we do not test on animals.

Toxin Free

We never use any toxins or harmful parabens/chemicals.